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We use voice technology and video to keep people more connected and protected.

We are Constant Companion where 24/7 

Care is Always There.


 Alexa for Caregiving

Reduce stress and caregiver burnout. If you know a caregiver - you know a caregiver that needs help.


Set Reminders for Medication or

Doctor Appointments


Play games, listen to music or audio books - have fun!


Make calls or send messages


Increase Safety.


Reduce isolation, loneliness and depression.

Back-up for Caregivers: 

Our highly trained urgent response agents are always there & on your team.


Expand Your Care:  

From part-time coverage to a 24/7 solution. Increase customer retention.


3X Faster: 

Connect to an urgent response operator in 8 seconds (on average) versus 30 seconds or more for most panic buttons.

83% More Reliable:  

Than traditional wearable panic buttons that user forget or refuse to wear.



with Automatic Updates

Our highly trained staff will call daily, at a convenient time, to make sure there are no issues in the home.  This helps to make even the days a caregiver isn’t scheduled… worry free!

Once the call is complete, an automatic update is sent via email to the approved contacts.  Simple!


To Supplement Care 24/7 with

Constant Companion

Make Life & Caregiving Better

Right Here - Right Now


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Take caregiving to new levels with Constant Companion and our Urgent Response Team!

What our customers are saying...

" Constant Companion is great!  My daughters wanted me to start wearing a medical alert pendant.  I told them both that I love them -- but absolutely NO WAY would I wear one of those.  That's when we found Constant Companion which is completely voice activated.  
Now I talk to Alexa every day and I am protected at home 24/7
- Invisibly!" 
Margie C.

30-day, risk-free trial to get 24/7 protection for less than $1 per day

(No equipment to buy, just one low monthly service fee - everything you need is included.)


Who we are

Protecting more than 140,000 families, 24/7
Working with Home Healthcare Agencies in 197 Cities
Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

The urgent response centers at Constant Companion are 5 Diamond rated, UL approved and are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.


With Constant Companion - Care is Always There.


Constant Companion provides the feeling and reality of security at home.  With a simple voice command, they'll quickly be connected to our Response Center for assistance.


No other medical alert system can give your loved one

this level of freedom.


How does Companion work?

Companion is a powerful medical alert and personal emergency response system (or "PERS") that works hands-free with Amazon Alexa.

Breakthrough: No Pendant or Panic Button Needed. Wearables are often forgotten - and left on the nightstand. They can't save you if you don't have them on.

Companion: Always on 24/7. Nothing you have to wear. Nothing to recharge - ever.
- Alexa hears your voice (anywhere at home - or with mobile app)
- Emergency? Just say: "Alexa, Call for Help"
- Connects you instantly (hands-free) to Companion professional help 24/7.

Why is this better than an alert pendant or button?

Wearables are often forgotten - and left on the nightstand. They can't save them if they don't have them on. A recent study showed that 83% of people involved in an accident were not wearing their pendants or near their alarms.

Do they really need a medical alert?

In the critical moments of a medical emergency, shower emergency or home intrusion - they may not be able to reach a phone. If they live alone - that can spell disaster. Companion services can help seniors remain independent and possibly avoid a retirement home by sending help fast in the event of a medical, fall, slip in the shower or home invasion emergency. Senior health and longevity is as simple as a "Call for Help" allowing independent seniors to live alone without ever being alone. Constant Companion’s medical alert system provides emergency assistance 24/7 with Amazon Alexa’s convenient voice technology and Companion “Call for Help”. Live a better and safer life by re-establishing independence and offering peace of mind for family and friends. With a host of other valuable skills and features, Alexa and Constant Companion have you covered!

Will this be easy for them to use?

Constant Companion and Alexa can be connected in minutes making the setup the quickest and easiest technology ever! When you receive your Constant Companion care package, you simply remove the equipment from the box, plug in all devices and turn them on. That’s it! Now, with just the sound of your voice, Alexa will respond to your questions and commands. Simply ask Alexa to Call for Help and be connected by 2-way voice to our trained professional operators within seconds. They will assess your situation & your location, and get you the help you need. If you are unable to speak further, they will assume you need urgent help and 911 emergency services will be dispatched to your location. Companion will already have your address, key contacts (family, friends and neighbors) and key medical information. Calling 911 does not have those powerful advantages.

Why is Companion “Call for Help” better than calling 911?

With a standard 911 call, it may take up to 60 seconds to be connected with an operator. During times of distress, time is crucial. Whether a fall or other medical emergency impairs mobility, the sooner that help arrives the better the outcome may be. When using Constant Companion, you no longer need to be in reach of a telephone. You simply ask Alexa to “Call for Help” and our urgent response center will answer within 8 seconds and communicate via 2 way voice through your Echo Dot. They will confirm the emergency and be able to relay vital, personal information to the paramedics including your exact location.

Does Medicaid or Medicare pay for Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS)?

The short answer is no, but certain insurance companies and state-run programs do offer reimbursement. Which programs pay for medical alert devices (PERS)? What do they pay for? Will they cover hardware or the ongoing service costs or both? What defines a PERS / Medical Alert device and can the advanced features available in today's electronic safety and fall monitoring systems even be considered simply a PERS? To explore this topic more, it helps to begin with a description of this category which we'll call "Personal Safety Monitoring".



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