With Constant Companion

Care is Always There

Constant Companion smart speakers for senior communities provide a Quality of Care Advantage.

Greater Connection & Safety services

Constant Companion has years of experience delivering enterprise solutions backed by a human connection.  Explore the available HIPAA compliant services.

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In these challenging times you can't put a price on peace of mind.  But Constant Companion is there for your staff and residents.  Discover the Quality Advantage you will gain when

Care is Always There.

Gain a Unique Market Advantage

Activities Directors love us for the fun we bring to senior communities.   Sales and Marketing teams love us for the Unique Market Differentiator we bring when families are selecting a community for a loved one.

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Lessons Learned:

Make a wise investment in the quality of life for your staff and residents. We make it simple & easy to create a Voice Connected Senior Community where

Care is Always There.

The Resident's Experience.  What about Memory Care?

Voice Connected senior communities do a lot for residents:  staying more connected,  reminders, music and more.  But, what about memory care patients?  


Hear their Stories below in videos that will touch your heart and open your mind to adding our voice to your world.

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Hear from Rick Phelps,

An Alzheimers patient who wanted to make a difference by chronicling his journey through his progressive memory loss and more.  Discover his memory care secret in this short video.

Getting Started

Safely During COVID 19

During these challenging times, keeping our most vulnerable connected and protected is our greatest mission.   Discover how you can add our voice to your senior community with our  Safe Start Program

Featured Story  l   Meet Nancy

Mother of four, great-grandmother to twelve, this former nurse and university instructor found herself in need of care.

Watch her journey and her discovery of what our smart speakers could do for her world.

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Meet Nancy

When you love to read but are losing your eye sight,  it can feel like you are trapped -  and even more alone.

Share her journey of discovery and moments of joy.