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for your Senior


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Experience Secure, HIPAA Compliant

Voice Tech right here - right now.

Watch What Happens When

Care is Always There

Sales & Marketing Directors Love Us 

Because Constant Companion Powered Senior Communities

Enroll More Residents

Simply Start Every Tour with Our Demo

Executive Directors Love Us 

Because Constant Companion Improves

Operations & Retention

With a Simple Force-Multiplier for Your Staff


Broadcast Campus-Wide Announements

Or use the Smart-Intercom


For private, secure Nurse-to-Nurse or Nurse to Resident communications.

 Give Smiles & Save Miles


  Give residents "instant" communications 24/7 while reducing miles per week of staff walking to resident rooms for simple FAQs.


Our patented, secure and HIPAA compliant solution is a Quality competitive market advantage.

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With a Smart Speaker in Every Resident Room, Nurses Station, Living and Dining Area

Increase Connection & Protection for residents


Benefits for Your Senior Community

Improved Communications, easy to use Automation and Fun Activities!  Ask Alexa, What's on the Calendar Today?"


Powerful Marketing Differentiator

Stand out in your market with the quality of life and moments of joy for residents!

Simple & Easy!

No equipment to purchase or maintain - ever.  A simple managed service - we provide everything you need.


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Discover how Voice First solutions Deliver Peak Performance for your team:

1.  High Engagement: Reduce Isolation and Depression

2. Premium Communications: Smart PA System can broadcast facility-wide announcements for meals and activities.

3. Simple Automation: reminders for medications, meals, activities and more.  Save money & time.

4. ROI Generator: A force multiplier for your busy staff when deployed bedside in every room, nurses station and living areas.

5. Performance Enhancing Solutions & Platforms: Competitive Market Advantage to attract and retain quality residents and staff.

Residents Love Us Because Voice is Fun!




Constant Companion

Care is Always There


Constant Companion

For Senior Communities

  • No Equipment to Buy – Ever

  • HIPAA Compliant with $1MM Privacy Insurance

  • Choose from 12 - 24 or 36 month programs

  • One low monthly managed service fee

  • Professional Installation

  • 24/7 Service & Support

  • All equipment is fully programmed for you

  • High-speed Wi-Fi is included

  • Simple & easy!

Whether you are small or large, take your resident's experience to new levels with

Constant Companion for Senior Communities!

What our customers are saying...


30-day, risk-free trial to get 24/7 protection for less than $1 per day

(No equipment to buy, just one low monthly service fee - everything you need is included.)

" Constant Companion is great!  My daughters wanted me to start wearing a medical alert pendant.  I told them both that I love them -- but absolutely NO WAY would I wear one of those.  That's when we found Constant Companion which is completely voice activated.  
Now I talk to Alexa every day and I am protected in my
independent living apartment 24/7
- Invisibly!" 
Margie C.

Who we are

Protecting more than 140,000 families, 24/7
Working with Home Healthcare Agencies in 197 Cities
Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

The urgent response centers at Constant Companion are 5 Diamond rated, UL approved and are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.


With Constant Companion - Care is Always There.


Constant Companion provides the feeling and reality of security at home.  With a simple voice command, they'll quickly be connected to our Response Center for assistance.


No other medical alert system can give your loved one

this level of freedom.

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