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We're a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our products and solutions to help people in new ways.  That innovation is inspired by a shared vision and commitment to great work - and to each other.  Because learning from the people here means we're learning from the best.

Come work where sentences

start with "What if...?"

Everyone here is an innovator, or an innovator-to-be.  That's how we create the kinds of products and experiences that few ever imagine.  For example, designers, developers and project managers here use empathy, data and AI powered voice and video to create purpose-built solutions that keep older adults and those with disabilities more connected, engaged and protected - 24/7.   Others figured out how people isolating during the pandemic can connect to their physician or healthcare provider with a simple to use Telehealth endpoint device that is one-touch or voice activated.  The point - making care accessible to the underserved.   And each week, we celebrate in our cafe' special events - taking time to remind us that innovation comes from great teams and everyone in every role at Constant Companion.

"There's work.  And then, there's your life's work.  Welcome to Constant Companion."


 Mark Gray 


Share an idea and watch it grow.

Every new product, service, or feature we invent is the result of people working together to make each other's ideas stronger.   That happens here because everyone strives toward a common goal - creating the best customer experiences.  Just one example:  The incredibly advance internet routers in every new Home System we deploy uses artificial intelligence to determine which cellular data network has the strongest and most reliable signal at any client location.  Automatically.  The results of our mission driven team and talented partners from across the country and around the world changes lives.  Multiply that effort across every product and feature in every Companion solution and you'll get the idea of how important collaboration is here.


Healthcare and homecare partnerships nationwide


Join a company with business

practices as innovative as its


"At Companion, we are committed to leaving the world a better place."


 Andy Westlund 

People Director

In everything we do - we start with people.  For every product or solution we create, we consider the impact it will make - on our customers, on our people, and those that care for them.   We are customer obsessed and start every innovation with the question: "How will this make people's lives better?"  And we lead the way in senior care technology with efforts to keep families more connected to what matters most.   


We are Constant Companion.

Machine Learning and AI

The work is innovative.

The experience is magic.

The people working here in machine learning and AI are building amazing experiences into every Constant Companion product, allowing older adults and those with disabilities do what they never imagined.  Because we fully integrate voice activated solutions that are simple and easy to use, our teams collaborate more effectively to improve the user experience while protecting user data and identity.  Come make an impact with products that let others, who are most vulnerable, live lives without limits.

For Scott, machine learning puts senior care on the fast track.


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The people at Constant Companion create more than products.   They create jobs - growing 27% per month the past 15 months straight.

Different together.   At Companion, we're not all the same.  And that's

our greatest strength.

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