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Connected Healthcare Experiences

The healthcare industry is entering a golden age of patient loyalty, and thus overall revenue, in the form of the Connected Patient.  By leveraging internal and external patient connections, you can employ new marketing and revenue strategies to proactively reach new and existing patients, while simultaneously managing costs.


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Secure Access to Telehealth 

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The Q Tablet for Telehealth serves the residents with care, by providing easy and mobile access to all these telemedicine providers*:
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Our approach to care is all about breaking down the walls of an office and supporting your health wherever you are. Our US-based, board-certified physicians and licensed psychiatrists and psychologists are available on your schedule. Learn more here.
Why spend time going to urgent care, use LiveHealth Online to talk to a doctor in minutes through live video. Just sign up or log in and select the doctor you would like to see. Learn more here.
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Healthcare that makes you smile. Virtual primary care when you need it. Get personalized, high-quality healthcare by talking to top U.S. medical doctors all from the ease of your smartphone. Learn more here.

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When you need to find care, let us bring a healthcare provider to you. From your mobile device or computer, it’s never been easier for you and your family to instantly access world class care at home or work. Learn more here.


Teladoc Health offers the only comprehensive virtual care solution capable of serving organizations and people anywhere. Our services span the spectrum of healthcare needs, from simple to complex. Learn more here.

*These names and information about these telehealth services and their apps are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Constant Companion.

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Has your Senior Care facility restricted visitors due to concerns over Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
The Q Tablet for TeleHealth brings the virtual doctor to the patient.
Now how can we serve the residents, and improve their quality of life during these challenging times?

Help your residents overcome isolation and loneliness.

Add Voice Solutions to keep them connected and engaged!




…call my son”


…what time is Bingo?”


…what day is today?”


…play Frank Sinatra”


…start Song Quiz”


…call the Nurse”

Whether you are small or large, take your resident's experience to new levels with

Constant Companion for Senior Communities!

What our customers are saying...


30-day, risk-free trial to get 24/7 protection for less than $1 per day

(No equipment to buy, just one low monthly service fee - everything you need is included.)

" Constant Companion is great!  My daughters wanted me to start wearing a medical alert pendant.  I told them both that I love them -- but absolutely NO WAY would I wear one of those.  That's when we found Constant Companion which is completely voice activated.  
Now I talk to Alexa every day and I am protected in my
independent living apartment 24/7
- Invisibly!" 
Margie C.

Who we are

Protecting more than 140,000 families, 24/7
Working with Home Healthcare Agencies in 197 Cities
Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

The urgent response centers at Constant Companion are 5 Diamond rated, UL approved and are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.


With Constant Companion - Care is Always There.


Constant Companion provides the feeling and reality of security at home.  With a simple voice command, they'll quickly be connected to our Response Center for assistance.


No other medical alert system can give your loved one

this level of freedom.

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